We offer free-range eggs, strawberries, pastured broilers, and naturally grown vegetables & flowers.  No chemical pesticides, herbicides or pesticides!  Located just 400 meters from Hwy 1 on Koksilah Road, the Island Shire has easy on/off access.

Farm sales:
The farm stand (look for the blue roof) is open during daylight hours through summer and fall.  Eggs are available year round–look for the yellow Fresh Eggs sign–if it’s flipped up and you see yellow, you’re in luck; otherwise it will say Sorry No Eggs. For the freshest strawberries, we encourage folks to contact us to order direct–call or email!  When the big strawberry sign is up, berries are on the stand.Shire Egg Sign

You can also find us on Saturdays at the Duncan Farmer’s Market or ordering through the Cow-op (Cowichan Cooperative). Along with our fresh produce, our specialties include dill beans, jams, and salsa, all made from the vegetables and fruits grown here on the Shire. You can taste the difference that vine-ripened, hand-picked, non-sprayed produce makes to our canned goods!

Contact information:
Name: Shannon VanHemert
Website: www.islandshire.com
Address: 1967 Koksilah Road, Cowichan Bay, BC V0R 1N1
Telephone: 250-597-7575
Email: islandshire@gmail.com