Founded in 1868, the Cowichan Agricultural Society (CAS) is one of the oldest societies in British Columbia.

In 1963, CAS merged with the Cowichan Farmers’ Institute (1914).

The primary purpose of the society in its earliest days was to provide support to new agricultural settlers in the form of a “social club.” Responsibilities have included oversight of the Valley’s Dynamite magazine, the creation of programs such as the Island’s own Artificial Insemination Program, and administration of the provincially-funded Crop Protection Fencing Program.

Become a Member!

Come to the next meeting of the Cowichan Agricultural Society and connect with other local farms and farmers.

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month starting at 7pm at the Agricultural Hall, 5855 Clements St., in Duncan, British Columbia. Farmers and others interested in local agriculture are always welcome to attend.

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